How to attract the right customers and keep them engaged

In this day and age where there are a bunch of small business popping up here and there, you usually find yourself in constant struggle to get the right customers – the ones that are REALLY interested in your product or service. A lot of small business owners do Digital Marketing to cast a wide net with hopes of getting potential customers. But is that enough? You actually have to do something to attract the right customers. But what?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Understand your business. How do you help the customer? What is the problem you’re trying to solve? What makes you unique among others who offer the same service? As soon as you come up with those answers, there’s your Value Proposition which is very important factor for you to start a strategy.
  2. Understand your customers. Do you have existing customers? What are their interests? Location? Demographics? Behavior? Who is your product for? Think about it, then create a persona – a character that resembles your target audience. You have to include their interests and behavior – these things can be assumed. Go have fun, play around with different personas for your target audience!
  3. Create valuable content for your audience. Start a blog on your website. Write about the problems people are currently facing and how you want to help ease that challenge. Talk about the importance of having products like yours. Readers don’t want to buy right then and there, They want to know if they need it, and why they need it, it might also be a want. So you have to be “friends” with them, gain their trust and make them feel that they need your service; appease their wants and needs, be relatable.
  4. Be involved in a community. Join online groups that are related to your product/service and share insights. This way, audiences will see you as a credible source because of the valuable concepts to a certain topic. This might be a start of gaining your fan base who will Like or Follow you on social media, plus they are additional traffic to your website.
  5. Do social listening and surprise audiences once in a while. Whether they are the right customers or not exactly the customers you have in mind, give coupons or discounts on their first purchase. This might compel them to visit your site and view your products. You might convert non-fans to believers of your product/service.

Bottom line is, you need to be involved with everyone in your social community. This way, they get to know you and you get to know them – what do they want? What do they need? Can I provide? Social listening is really helpful to know what’s going on around you. Someone might suddenly ask a question online and you just happen to have the answer. There you go – a new customer!