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How to Create a WordPress Blog on your Website

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Website

How to BLOG :

Adding a WordPress blog is easy! The below is a transcription of the video above. You can follow along with screenshots provided.

First thing you want to do is login. Go up to your URL and you’re going to want to enter or actually append wp-admin, which would you take it to your login screen.

Go ahead and enter in your email or username and your password.

This is the WordPress dashboard. Pretty easy to navigate. Got your side menu over here. 

So to get to the blog section of your website you’re going to have to go to Post. 

Wordpress Posts

Each blog article in WordPress is a post. To see all the current posts you have obviously can click all posts. See everything you have so far but what we are going to be doing is concentrating on adding a post.

Add New Post

So let’s go to add new. Now just for the sake of this tutorial we are going to be using just native WordPress hosting but you can use the Divi Builder as well if you happen to be using that theme.

So first thing we want to do is give our post a title. So all the posts will automatically be populated on the blog page by category in the majority of WordPress installs. So let’s give our title. ” Title Test Blog”.

Add a post title


Next up is content. This is going to be the article itself so type away, and remember you can use proper spacing and indentation as well using the Visual Builder. Then last thing I want to do is add an image and a category. So the way we do that real simple. To the right, on the sidebar you will see the categories. You can create a new one or you can use one that is already there. Just for the sake of the tutorial let’s make this one’s business IT. 

Pick a post category

Now to add the image which will be at the top of the article, This is done by selecting the featured image, go ahead and in the section below the categories, choose set featured image. Now you can actually upload a file from your computer or just grab one if you already have in the media library. 

Featured image

I already took the liberty of uploading one so we will click that. You can also adjust the size of the image if you want just keep in mind WordPress will use your theme to resize the image to fit its container.

Next ups is running a text or preview. We have our featured image, Title, Article, and Category so everything is there. Now the nice thing is WordPress will save this in draft first or you can save it as you go and then you can also preview it. So lets preview it. See how it looks. 

Save draft
Example preview post

Everything looks good so now we want to actually publish. So right now this is not visible to the world. However since we publish it it is visible it’s live and on the interwebs.

So click publish and that’s it. Automatically publishes the website. 

Publish post

So now if we go back and we hard refresh….There we go now live for the rest of the internet to see. Our title test blog, includes our image. That is it! Very simple, very simple blogging on WordPress. You can see our featured image on the blog on the blog page itself. So there you have it. Now you may ask, what if you need to edit the article? lets see how to do a quick edit on your article.

Wordpress Quick Edit

So let’s go back to our post so we have on the left hand side all post click all post. To do a quick edit you can do some minor changes without actually diving in to each post. 

So let’s say we want to change the author on this one. So right here you can see has you hover over quick edit, click I can click at the title, the slug that’s being reference for the post, or the author. The author. There we go. Update. Published. 

Quick Edit

And at any point if you want to remove this post from being published to draft you can do that from there as well. Quick edit, published pending review, draft. So there you have it that’s the basic basis of WordPress. WordPress so is all about blogging so you now how the tools to blog with Native WordPress.


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