Frequently Asked Questions


What type of industries do you work with?

We are a generalist agency, meaning we aren’t niche to any industry and have experience in everything from home services and restaurants, to ecommerce and city governments.

Do you offer a-la-carte services?

Absolutely. We have a process which takes our partners brand development all the way to website design and digital marketing; however, we are able to help you out with specific projects on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to learn more.

Who will work on my project?

Our team is U.S based, therefore you will always be able to communicate with a human during business hours. You can chat with our robot (p-bot) during off hours. Visit https://publicadagency.com/about-us/ to meet our department heads.

Do you design websites?

Yes we do. We’ve won several awards for our website designs. Visit https://publicadagency.com/our-work/ to see some of our work.


What value does your business bring to my brand?

We are a boutique agency with big business experience.  We count our clients as brand partners, getting to know you and your business personally to provide the best service we can to help meet your business goals.

What is your creative process?

We follow strict guidelines to create successful brands and brand communication. Our 3 step process allows us to streamline the visual aspect of design.

First, we begin with creating the brand ladder. In the brand ladder we consider the attributes/features of the brand. Next we identify the benefits you offer the customer. Finally, we identify the segments you mean to target. The brand ladder allows us to create and structure the positioning statement in a more effective way.

Secondly, we work on the positioning statement. This focuses the creative development by giving us a precise idea of your values, benefits, and attributes. The positioning statement answers questions such as, who we are targeting, what do we do for the target and the brand differentiators between you and other local resources.

Lastly, we create a creative strategy framework. We begin with a creative brief including your target demographic, facts, features, benefits, message objective, marketing goals, etc. We then implement the framework onto the design production phase keeping clear communication.


What's the difference between a logo and a brand?

Branding is the culmination of all things that represent your company, product or service. A logo is just one part of your overall brand identity.

What is branding exactly?

branding /’brandiNG/ noun: the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

What type of creative services do you offer?

We offer brand identity and design, graphic design, photography and video services.

Do you work on retainer?

Yes. We can work on a per project or hourly basis.  We offer retainer services which dedicates a set amount of hours per month specifically for your business or organization.  The more hours you purchase, the bigger the discount.  This allows us to be your de facto creative team.


What kind of results do I expect to see?

Digital marketing isn’t just one thing, but can be used for different business goals. What you expect to see depends on what your focus is, your competition and your business. We can set up a discovery call to determine the best focus for you, design a plan and give you an idea of what to expect at that time.

What is the difference between local SEO and just SEO?

Search engine optimization is a broad term that encompasses many facets that help your website rank higher in search engines. Local SEO narrows the focus to just your location, using tactics to show up for searches near you.

What do you charge?

We are not a cookie cutter solution and want to get to know you better. The type of services you want and the hours you need to reach your business goals vary greatly, so it’s difficult to just pull something off the shelf and give you a price. We work with small mom and pops, all the way to international organizations, with budgets to match. Talk to us and we’ll price it based on you.

Do you have packages?

We do. We have a couple different packages based on your needs which include branding, website design and search engine optimization. We’ve also got tier pricing for other digital marketing services.

Ryan Thorsen

GM Mister A’s

“Drew and his team have been an integral part of our business for quite some time, and at this point, they are largely part of the family. They are responsive, talented, and extremely capable in a many capacities. We first had them exclusively doing our web sites and some analytics, but this has now evolved into more of a “full-service“ digital marketing relationship where they deal with social media, graphic design, SEO, a massive rebranding effort for our 50th anniversary, and much more. I can’t say enough about them.“

Kevin Ott

Kevin Ott


“The new website just looks gorgeous. It’s better than what I had hoped for, they listened well, and they had a keen understanding of what I was wanting to achieve.”

Phil Leonard

Phil Leonard

Ecommerce Manager

“This is a business that takes a lot pride in everything it does, it has been an honor working with Drew and his team and we look forward too many more projects ahead. Their expertise in Web Design & Development, Website Marketing and specializing in Magento has made them a perfect fit for us.

They are very clear from the start of a project to the conclusion of it. I never felt lost or in the dark about anything, Drew and the team were always accessible for any question we might have concerning the project and if a situation needed some research or time to handle they were very prompt getting back to us with an answer or solution.“