Tell Your Brand’s Story
to Your Public

Services We Offer

Photography & Video

Photography & Video

High quality, creative photography
and video services highlighting your
brand’s best assets

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Design your marketing collaterals that are
both professional looking and aesthetically

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

We make sure to amplify your brand’s
quirky features to assets that your
public will love.

Importance of Branding

Branding plays a key role in creating your unique persona in the marketplace. It helps you create a memorable
impression on customers as well as providing them a gist of what they can expect from your company. From advertising,
customer service, promotional merchandise, reputation to a stunning logo, we’ve got you covered.

Brand Discovery

We want to learn more about you. The first step in any branding project we take here at Public Advertising
Agency is brand discovery. Tell us about your business and its history, your mission and vision, goals and
objectives, ideal customers, current positioning in the market, and more.

Building Brand Ideas

Off to the drawing board! After our brand discovery session, our team of marketing and
creative experts will brainstorm and pull ideas for your brand. Once collected, we will share
them with you.

Writing Your Brand’s Story

Storytelling time! Once the decision for your branding direction has been made, it’s time to put our creative team to
work. Time to tell your story. From the drawing board to your website, logos, videos, photography, every marketing
material you can think of, we’ll make sure your brand’s uniqueness will shine through.