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With everyone spending more time at home, the demand for home improvement services is only going up—and so does the number of businesses offering the same services as you.

How can you direct this consumer demand to you and rise above the competition?

We have spent several years helping home services and contractors—spanning general contractors to specialized traders—build their brand. Working with Public can help you reach out to this untapped source of business and make your customers spend their hard-earned money with you!

We help you build a message that resonates with your public. GET STARTED.

Website Building & Improvement For Your Epic Home Service

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From pest control to plumbing; minor remodeling to full-scale design-build projects, having a custom website is a key to standing out in today’s competitive home services market.

Unless homeowners already know a brand they like, they often visit at least three different companies’ websites before hiring one. So, you want to make sure that you have a website that potential clients not only can easily find online but one that is easy to recall as well when they are making a buying decision.

There’s never been a better time to market your home services. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can help you capitalize on today’s collective interest in home improvements and repairs.

We build and redesign your website so you can focus on what you do best—providing your home services.

What We Do

Public Advertising Agency is your partner in building a custom website that can work wonders for your business. Here are some of the ways we can give you a step-up on the competition through an attractive website, digital marketing, and more.

Design + User Interface

In web design, good usability is all about making it easy for visitors to find information quickly and easily. When done right, it can drive traffic to your site and ultimately boost your sales and revenue.

We will assist you throughout the process of web design, from planning to conceptualizing and actually building your site. We give particular attention to the appearance of your site—font style, color, images, and how the content is structured, sectioned, and categorized. With your specifications and requirements as a guide, we will help you build a website that’s responsive, easy to use, and aesthetically appealing.

Testing your website at every stage of design and across different devices is also part of our process to ensure that it is responsive, regardless of where it is viewed—laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Support & Maintenance

Businesses often cut corners by letting go of seemingly dispensable tasks. Site maintenance can easily become one of them. However, just like a car that can break down if left too long without regular maintenance, so can your website.

Site maintenance is the process of consistently checking your website for issues + troubleshooting. We conduct site maintenance regularly to help ensure security, boost traffic, and improve your SEO and search engine rankings.

Our support and maintenance team can assist you with updating your site with fresh content, backing up data, and resolving issues even before you are made aware of them.

We love solving problems—we support your site and deliver solutions so you can worry less and focus more on building your business. Do yourself and your business a favor by letting our awesome Public web maintenance, aka problem solvers, take over.

Search Engine Optimazation

In a nutshell, SEO is the process of improving your website’s visibility in search engine results, wherein the higher your rankings, the higher the possibility of driving organic (unpaid) to your site. A well-optimized site should be easily accessible through any device, secure, fast-loading, and deliver relevant, informative content to its target audience. It should attract more traffic, which means more leads and sales for your business.

Without an effective SEO strategy in place, customers will not be able to find you online—a straight-up missed opportunity to maximize your digital marketing efforts.

We Build Attractive Websites, Turning that Blah to Hurrah!

At Public, we take your online presence seriously. We help you stand out from the competition and position your business in front of a much larger audience by turning your blah website into something that will make you shout hurrah!

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You’ve got a business to run. So, let our awesome team get things done. Get in touch with us today.