Social Media Marketing

Build brand awareness, generate revenue, and improve relations with followers and customers through social media marketing. What used to be a trend is no longer an option as social media marketing grew to be one of the marketing essentials any company should invest in. While many social networks come and go, the drive and purpose of this platform remain the same: engage with your audience.

From brand awareness to lead generation to customer service, social media marketing is the key to being relevant online.

What is Social Media?

Almost everybody is familiar with Facebook (the largest social network with over a billion users all over the globe) and Twitter (which has over hundreds of millions of users). But how do you define social media? How does it really work?

What We Do

At Public Ad Agency, our social media marketing strategy goes beyond uploading great images and captions. We always start our process by getting familiar with your brand. We take our time to know you and your company so we can better portray your brand voice. Intimate knowledge of your product or service, branding and business goals allows us to discover the right audience to go after to maximize lead conversion. Our team uses both provided content and research to provide your audience engaging, relevant content exactly where they are and when they want it.

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Facebook Advertising

Instagram Management/Posting

Instagram Advertising

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What We Can Do For You

Maintaining social media platforms is a time-consuming, laborious process. And although you may want to stay on top of every tweet, like and comment, we know you have a business to run. That’s why we do the work for you.

With full transparency, we provide media calendars for approval, pre-approved responses and we always let you know if there’s something that requires your direct attention. Whether you want to post organically or increase your visibility with social advertising, we got you covered.

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