Ontario International Airport American Film Market Expo

Ontario International Airport – American Film Market Expo Campaign


For over 73 years, Ontario International Airport has played the role of Hollywood’s Secret Backlot. With the ease of convenience, parking, abundant filming areas and competitive pricing, Ontario International Airport offers more than just what meets the eye.

The objective of Ontario International Airport’s filming department is to develop an awareness of the filming opportunities it has to offer to location scouts, managers and production teams alike. The goal is to obtain 1.5 million dollars in film bookings for the fiscal year. How will we do that? By establishing a target audience, developing a voice and message that aligns with the overall branding standards of ONT, advertise and network in logistical areas and develop a mechanism to track and measure all efforts on a quarterly basis.

Event Background

Produced by the Independent Film and Television Alliance, the American Film Market is a yearly networking event hosting film and television executives.

  • Project Objectives: Ontario International
  • Airport filming department’s objective is to attract location managers and scouts to recognize ONT as a filming location of choice.
  • Key Messages: Highlighting the proximity to Los Angeles, the convenience, the services and space available as well as the ease of booking.
  • Desired Outcomes: To drive potential location scouts to the film website and/or call for booking with their 10% voucher
  • Baseline Analytics: Determine traffic based off website and voucher usage.
  • Metrics to Measure: Analytics based off filming website, number of bookings with voucher discount
  • Material Development: Pamphlets, booth design/backdrop, giveaways: towels, carabiners
  • Content: Location. Location. Location. ONT, in the middle of it all.
Hollywood's Secret Backlot
Hollywood's Secret Backlot