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Case Study: Google Ads Optimization Saves Money

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Digital Marketing

Public Saves Local Service Contractor Hundreds


Executive Summary

When our client came to us, he had taken on Google Ads optimization himself with some help from untrained staff.  His cost per lead had reached unsustainable levels and came to us for help.

In 90 days:

  • Reduced cost per conversion 82.77%
  • Increased the number of conversions by 310.71%
  • Reduced total spend by 29.22%


Google Ads Optimization proved so successful that our client could not handle the volume of leads he was getting. We had to pull back and focus only on the highest ROI campaigns.



Our client is a local service contractor for creating, installing and repairing window screens, focusing on residential customers.  While they had a good website and got numerous organic leads, their Google Ads campaign was getting more and more expensive, with relatively little return.

Upon conducting an audit on their account, it was determined that a large part of their spend was going to irrelevant keywords. Mobile screen repair was often being mistaken for cell phone screens, rather than home window screens.  We also discovered account structure issues and wasteful display campaigns.


How Our Services Helped

Our client has been wary of purchasing services for things he can do on his own.  It was only after a thorough review of his account with actionable insights, was he made aware of how professional PPC services can actually help him save money.

Within 1 week of Google Ads optimization to his current account setup, we saw 60.10% reduction in cost per conversion and increased click through rate by 651.77%. After restructuring the account, we began to see even greater improvement.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Almost immediately, our client’s business started booming, quickly filling up his appointment calendar. With newly implemented phone call tracking, we were able to listen to and provide feedback for phone leads and with constant communication with our client, we were able to determine the quality of leads that were coming in and how best to allocate budget.

Rather than putting all ad spend across all products, we identified that repairing screens, while that campaign brought in the majority of conversions, the type of job was low cost, timely and time sensitive, pulling our client away from higher revenue projects.  Our client now enjoys a full calendar of high-quality jobs and we know that when things get slow, we can always fill the gaps with lower, but still positive ROI jobs.


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