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Website Maintenance Checklist For WordPress

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Security, Website

You don’t need to be a web developer to follow this website maintenance checklist, it’s so simple that when you’re able to do these things regularly, your website will run successfully. 

  1. Visit your website on multiple devices and browsers.

    This is the way to check for errors in an audience point of view. Check it on different types of computers and mobile phones and see if your website is optimized for all gadgets.

  2. Staging site or clone site

    Make sure you’re able to setup a staging site or exact copy of your current website. This is where all testing and repairs can be done without affecting your live site. Install a bug reporting software that pinpoints areas with issues with ease. This is important so you can find out the issues earlier on and be able to fix it. Most bug reporting software also tell you which issues are critical so you can prioritize and work on the more important issues ASAP. 

  3. Create backups and automatic restore system.

    Before updating anything on your website, it’s safe to have a back-up site so if any error occurs, you still have a fully working site available for replacement. 

  4. Install a firewall and add additional Security programs if available.

    Keep your website safe from hackers! Apply security patches for any software you are using. Always make sure you have a back-up site before applying any updates.

  5. Website Maintenance Support team

    IF all else fails, find a  dedicated support channel where a team of friendly developers are standing by ready to assist with day to day requests, emergencies, or just answer your questions.

We understand that WordPress can sometimes be too technical for some, and as a business owner, you might be too busy to worry about these managing your own website and updates. That’s why Public Advertising Agency is here to help you keep your website in shape. With our website maintenance plan, you’ll realize how simple it is to maintain your website.



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