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How to Use Your Business Listing on Google to Get More Customers

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Digital Marketing

If you run a local business, you need to have a your business listing on Google. Google My Business (GMB) is a listing wherein Google collects information about a brand and puts it into an attractive, easy-to-use format for customers. These listings appear in the right hand corner of search results on desktop and on top or near the top of search results on mobile. It makes it easier for customers to get your store address, phone number, email address, and operation hours.

The most common mistake made by brands when it comes to Google My Business listing optimization is simply not claiming their listings. If your listing is not set up accordingly, or if you don’t have a listing at all, then you’re losing out on a lot of potential customers.

As consumers move to digital channels in search of services, Google My Business is an ideal way to get your business seen in your local area. Once optimized, you will gain more organic visibility as your listing pushes your brand closer to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). 

Here’s a quick overview of how your business can gain more customers by optimizing your Google My Business listing.


Get More Customers with an Optimized Business Listing on Google

Advantage Spa Google My BusinessThere are two words to reason out as to why businesses should pay time and effort to their Google My Business listings: convenience and trust. Customers are much more likely to visit a store to which they have access to easy directions. This works effectively, especially if the users are searching via mobile devices and are on the road. Your Google My Business listing includes Google Map data which can quickly guide your customers to your store location.

If you’re a service provider, the Google reviews rating makes your business more trustworthy and helps you get more phone calls. With some (if not all) of the reviews highlighted in your listing, it helps establish your credibility and is definitely the vital factor that helps customers decide in choosing your service versus your competitor.

Aside from improved organic search visibility, having an optimized Google My Business listing also helps you relay valuable information to your customers in a more effective manner. 

If viewed on a desktop, your listing appears on the right side of SERP and displays all the basic info your customers need to know about your brand, which includes phone number, address with map, website, opening hours, business photos, and customer reviews.

When viewed via mobile devices, your listing appears on top of the organic search results with the easy-to-click call to action buttons – Call and Directions. It also displays your hours of operations and phone number.

Another benefit of having an optimized Google My Business listing is to have an additional channel to help you interact with your customers. Not only does this help build brand recognition and loyalty, but it’s also an opportunity to create a future conversion. Google My Business includes the question-and-answer feature through messaging and quote requests, ratings and reviews, and by posting updates for them to read and comment on.

We, at Public Ad Agency, have had the opportunity to work with a local spa and pool repair company – Advantage Spa and Pool Repair in Murrieta, CA. Advantage Spa and Pool Repair came to Public with a challenge to help them gain more customers for both their pool repair service and handyman services. They also asked for help in handling miscommunication as some consumers confused them with pool cleaning services.

Through our Google My Business optimization efforts, we’ve improved their listing to include their basic business information (address, phone number, hours of operation, website, and location), service areas covered, services offered, and provided a quick description of their services. We’ve also kept their listing active by regularly posting updates like tips, company news, and service photos.

For the second quarter of 2021, they have gathered 4.66k views on search and map results, and their photos gained 12.1k views. They’ve also received at least a hundred calls and website link clicks solely from their listing. We did no paid ads and all conversions were coming in organically. 

As a result, we’ve managed to maintain their listing in the top three of the local search pack, and have kept their phones ringing with customers seeking quality pool servicing.


Quick Checklist in Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

To ensure your business listing on Google is optimized, you have to pay attention to the following features:

  • Business Name – Make sure your company name is consistent with your trading name, website, and all profiles you have online. Write down exactly what is on your business cards and the sign above your store.
  • Business Address – Make sure your location on Google maps is correct and matches your actual store address.
  • Business Hours – Add all your regular business hours and make sure it is correct. Google My Business is easily customizable so if you have various business hours per day of the week, you can easily reflect that in your listing. You may also announce special hours for special holidays.
  • Phone Numbers – Add all active phone numbers and update disconnected ones. 
  • Website Link
  • Services – Outline your most popular services and include an accurate description for each of them. 
  • Business Categories – Your primary business category tells your public the main service you offer. This also impacts your ranking for different search terms.
  • Company Description – Keep in mind that your business description does not impact your ranking so there’s no need to stuff it with keywords. Instead, use this as a way to show your potential customers why they should choose you.
  • Add Photos and Post Updates – Adding photos to your listing shows your authenticity. Images you can upload on GMB listings include logo and great cover image, photos of your team, storefront or office, awards, and your products/services. Make sure your photos are high quality and geo-tagged.


Another feature you need to monitor are your reviews and ratings. Companies can learn much more about their customers by reading the reviews they left on your listing. It’s a valuable perspective that helps you understand what your customers experience while interacting with your business. 

By listening to their concerns, noting what prompts a positive response, and acknowledging negative feedback, you can strengthen your relationship with your customers and help your team spot ways to improve your overall service/product experience.

Hiring a local SEO agency like Public Advertising Agency is a great step to ensure your business listing on Google remains updated and accurate for your customers. Contact us today and discover what an active and optimized listing can do for your brand and customers.



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