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Does Your Business Need Digital Marketing

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Digital Marketing

If you’re even asking yourself “does my business need digital marketing?”, then the answer is yes. Since the birth of the Web 1.0 platform and the Internet went mainstream in the 90s, digital marketing was already working its way to changing the way we do business. A couple of decades later, digital has dominated the advertising space and is one of the most used platforms to promote businesses of all sizes.

Going digital is no longer a luxury that you can choose to ignore. In fact, every business – including small businesses – SHOULD have some form of presence online, even something as simple as a Facebook page.

Much like how the way people communicate changed, entrepreneurship has ridden that trend too. Digital marketing paves the way for your brand to reach a wider audience, as well as complement your offline marketing efforts (traditional advertising). 

With WiFi connections and Smartphones becoming so accessible to just about anyone, it’s safe to say that the majority of the world’s population is online. Want proof? Facebook. This social media giant has over 2 billion active users. I’m sure most of your audience, if not all, are among its active users.

Digital marketing is not just for targeting a younger audience. In fact, statistics show that 62 percent of online seniors (aged 65+) are on Facebook. So if your business is not online yet, what are you doing?


Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses

We can think of countless reasons why small businesses should start investing more on digital marketing. Here are a few most important reasons why.


Digital is Where We’re Heading

As humans further rely on technology, the Internet continues to grow. And it grows even more as the years pass by. Studies revealed that more than 4 billion people go online on a daily basis, which is about 53% of the world’s population. This is strong evidence that your customers are clearly online. 

In the last decade, we’ve witnessed the birth of many social media networks and we can still recall their most popular apps and features like it was just yesterday. Today, social ads are so sophisticated, it can deliver customized ads depending on what content users engaged with on their profiles.

Add to that the recent COVID-19 related events and governments implementing stay-at-home policies, small businesses simply can’t rely on foot traffic anymore. We all need to find new ways to make business at home and online.


Small Budgets Can Do Wonders

Marketing online enables small businesses to work with a modest budget. Come to think of it, Facebook is literally FREE! And with the right social media management, and a strategic plan to execute, you can launch an ad campaign with the smallest budget you can afford.

Digital marketing also makes it easy to track campaign performance, which means you can select and delete ads that don’t directly affect you in terms of sales. To make an educated guess as to which ads to add more budget and which ones to cut, you need to gather data from your analytics dashboard. 

You can find many tools today that can tell you about your audience, their online behavior and interests, and how they interact with your content. By understanding and spotting patterns and trends, you can create targeted campaigns and come up with more specific content your audiences are more likely to react to.

Creating content that your audience is likely to appreciate will generate organic brand following and shares (which is basically free advertising). Cutting down your campaign reach to a specific audience does not only help you spend less, it helps increase conversions since your ads are more likely to be shown to those who expressed interest in it.


Consumers are Smarter

The Internet made it easy to get information about anything and everything. That somehow influenced consumers to be smarter about their purchases. They are no longer convinced to buy a product just because you claimed it’s “the best”.

Today, consumers take their time in researching products and services they are planning to purchase. They look into text and video reviews, forums, and social media to get an accurate picture of what buying from you would be like and what they can expect from your product or service. 


Your Business is Online, 24/7

Unlike location stores where you need multiple employees to keep the store running 24/7, your website does the same for less. Websites are your hardest working assets. Websites do not need coffee breaks nor does it sleep. And they are ready for your audience to access and research about your business.

There are so many reasons why all businesses, big and small, need digital marketing.  You don’t need a big budget, or any at all, when there are free platforms and resources all around.  Start by dipping your toe in and testing the waters.  Eventually you’ll find what works for you.  And with time, energy and dedication, you can ramp it up and start really growing your business.


  1. R.K. Dua

    Hi, I am a small business owner after reading your article wanted to ask you about my doubts about my product market target audience who is a farmer by profession living in deep rural pockets of every single rural Pincode area across India where I think the digital penetration is weak comparatively to urban Pincode areas and his presence on facebook and instagram is limited please suggest how could i reach them and connect with them to show case my products and website. Hope you could answer it if you do it would be a great help for me to step on the digital marketing band wagon… Thanks

    • The Public

      The first step would be to find where they are spending their time on the internet. If it’s not social media, then that shouldn’t be a focus area. If they would be searching for your product, you’ll want to focus on SEO. If they buy things on Amazon, check out PPC. If they are reading online news articles, display might be the way to go.


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