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Digital Marketing Trends 2021: What’s Hot and What’s not

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Digital Marketing

Everyone’s gone digital especially with the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses have found ways to reconnect with their customers through the internet and the customers are enjoying the convenience of online shopping. 

And since everyone’s going digital, we can’t turn our heads on the fact that the market’s a bit too saturated now. If you want your brand to stand out, you have to come out with a kickass branding and digital marketing strategy. Most of which is about studying your customer’s online behavior, what their pain points are, and what type of content interests them.


Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends

Being updated with the latest digital marketing trends is definitely a plus for every marketer. However, it’s not wise to integrate every single trend to your strategy. Always remember, trends come and go. You don’t want to base your brand’s identity to something temporary. You want something permanent which lasts the test of time.

On the other hand, keeping up with trends can help you come up with new approaches in delivering your brand message. Let’s look at the different trends in digital marketing today.


Social Media

Facebook is still at the top of the food chain. News feed advertising is now more expensive than ever, and much of digital marketing is now shifting towards advertising on Messenger. We’re also seeing a surge in senior audiences on Facebook. According to Forbes, 41% of Facebook users are over the age of 65.

On the other hand, Instagram is still on the rise. With well over a billion users, much of its demographic is under the age of 30. The new and improved interactive Instagram stories seem to have taken the world by storm as it reached 500 million daily watches in 2019.

Posting an Instagram story poll is a great way for your community to engage with your posts. Other interactive features include question stickers, countdown timers, and even external links.

Shoppable influencer posts are another upgrade businesses can advantage of. This means people can now get to the checkout page of a product on an influencer’s post without ever leaving Instagram.


Chatbot and Customer Service

In terms of customer service, more businesses are using chatbots to answer repetitive handle support tickets. They’re on 24/7, respond to customers instantly, and bring down costs. 

Chatbots are a great help in providing assistance for customers who are looking for frequently asked questions. Though some companies still do want their human customer service representatives around for difficult inquiries, chatbots are a great solution to achieve quick response rate and cater to repetitive issues. 

Around 80% of businesses have stated that they want to implement chatbots in their operations.


Video Marketing

Video marketing is no longer an option. It should be a part of your digital marketing strategy, period. 

According to studies, eight out of ten customers watch product videos to be informed of online purchasing decisions and 70% of them share those videos on their social media. Over 72% of businesses report a boost in their conversion rates thanks to video.

Another trend that’s picking up steam is “shoppable videos.” These are video ads that feature links to products within the video. Instagram Stories and Snapchat feature a lot of these, but the technique is becoming more sophisticated and convincing.

Interactive 360 video is also a huge trend at the moment. It’s the kind of immersive, futuristic video style we’re expecting to see a lot more of as AR and VR continue to grow in usage. 


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Programmatic advertising is taking over PPC now, thanks to AI technology automating audience targeting. If there’s real-time bidding involved, that’s a form of programmatic ad buying right there. The automation makes it much faster and more efficient in getting higher conversions while lowering costs in acquiring customers. Over 86% of digital ads in the US have become programmatic by this year.

By taking advantage of these trends, you can help keep your brand afloat in the digital marketing race. Contact us at Public Ad Agency to learn more.


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