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Facebook Ads: 10 Features You Should Start Using Right Now

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Social Media

Facebook, much like Google, is always changing all in the hopes of providing users with a much better experience. For marketers, we are introduced with great tools regularly. It’s also likely that you haven’t explored all features of Facebook ads yet. Well, you are not alone. Facebook ads has many powerful features that a lot of businesses fail to use effectively.

If you’ve been a fan of lookalike audiences, there are other less prevalent features but can make a world of difference for the right campaign. Business Manager update was introduced last July with the dashboard sporting a new and improved design and navigation. Advertisers should find it easier to manage assets and permissions moving forward.

However, while it’s been months since this was introduced, it was not released to all advertisers. Expect that there might be some differences in what you actually see in your dashboard. 

Here are the top 10 tools and features in Facebook you should look into right now.


Woman wonders what Facebook ads tools she isn't using

Facebook Tools You May Not Be Using

Facebook offers a lot of great tools to make advertising easier for marketers. Unfortunately, most of these just fly off the radar and left untouched. Here are several tools you might not have used yet but will be extremely helpful for your campaign.


  • Audience Insights

The interactive audience tool offers additional details about your audience that Facebook Analytics don’t provide. Build your ideal target audience and gather info like demographics, Facebook data usage, interests, and page likes. Audience Insights can show you pages that are likely relevant to your audience according to their interests and the possibility of them liking these pages.

If you’re looking to add additional information, you can click on Advanced. Each section has multiple options available for selection. 


  • Facebook Analytics

Like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics is where you will see all user metrics, page metrics, engagement metrics, and user demographics. You can also create Funnels wherein you can include a sequence of actions you would like to measure.

Facebook Analytics also allows you to create user Cohorts to help you track behavior. Breakdowns or Pivot Tables can be also used for on-going data reporting along with other features like Dashboards and review Lifetime Value.


  • Third-Party Tag Integration

Setting up pixels can be a struggle and requires several steps to finish. In 2017, Facebook introduced an integration tool that allows wherein those who are using Google Tag Manager, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Magento can directly implement the pixel without touching the code. 


  • Pixel Helper

Facebook has a Chrome extension called Pixel Helper which helps advertisers in checking if their pixels were implemented properly and if it’s firing properly. Pixel Helper will tell you what error occurred and how you can fix it. This comes in very handy for any advertiser before they launch their campaigns.


  • Creative Hub

Creative Hub is an ad mockup tool which comes in handy when pitching a new ad type to clients. Use this tool to test different ad types, elements, and placements. You can also test videos, slideshows, and other forms of interactive ads.


  • Image Text Check Tool

Facebook guidelines recommend that images with 20% text perform better. Ad images are then automatically reviewed for the amount of text before they give your campaign a go signal. If there’s too much text in your image, it will have a lower reach. 

By uploading the images into the Image Text Check tool, you can ensure that your ad delivery is normal and will have its full potential. 


Start using these Facebook ad features

Facebook Ad Features You Should Start Using


Facebook Ads has so many amazing features that many marketers are not leveraging for their campaigns. 


  • Ad Scheduling

Monitor your budget more effectively. Schedule your ad’s visibility during certain times of the day through Ad Scheduling. 

While Facebook currently only allows advertisers to use this feature when using a lifetime budget, it’s still useful in helping you allocate the budget on campaigns that are likely to gain success. Using this feature helps you successfully serve ads when your audience is likely active.


  • Frequency Cap

Limit your ad’s exposure in terms of reach or brand awareness with Frequency Cap. This feature can usually be found under Budget and Schedule section of ad set targeting (if you’re using Awareness campaign) if you click the Show Advanced Options button.

The default setting is 1 impression every 7 days. Either way, this is highly customizable. You can make this either longer or shorter depending on your campaign’s requirements.


  • Location Targeting

This feature allows you to set your ads’ location targeting. You can either select radius or select the city only. Location targeting  4 additional settings: 

    • Everyone in this Location – Users who are recently in this location.
    • People Who Live in This Location – Those who have listed the location as their home. Great for businesses who are targeting homeowners only.
    • People Recently in this Location – Users who have recently accessed Facebook in this location.
    • People Recently Traveling in this Location – Users who accessed Facebook in this location but their home is more than 125 miles away. This is advantageous for businesses catering to the travel and hospitality industry.


  • Connections

Target people who like your Page and those friends of those who already liked your Page, or exclude those who already liked your page. 

Businesses who are selling apps or use events can greatly benefit from connections. Target those who are already using your app and friends of those using your app, or exclude current app users. As for events, use this to target people who responded to your invite or exclude them.

These are just some of the underrated tools and features on Facebook Ads. Explore them and learn the ways they can help you improve your ads campaign. Or, you can contact Public Advertising Agency to help you with your campaign.


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