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Google Ads Checklist: Building a Solid Foundation

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Digital Marketing

Everyone loves a checklist.  The feeling of checking off an item brings a sense of accomplishment.  It also helps you stay on track of your to-dos to know what to do next and that every step gets completed.  I wish I had a Google Ads checklist when I first started on my PPC journey.  It’s difficult enough understanding the platform, but knowing all the little things that help make an account successful is a whole different ball of wax.


Learning Google Ads

When I started learning Google Ads, or Google Adwords as it was back then, I had a bit of an advantage.  Okay, a big advantage.  See, Google reps approached the company I worked for at the time as having high potential for a successful Google account.  So I got one-on-one training from a Google partner representative.  This helped me learn enough about the platform to know what I’m doing and turn a profit. Not everyone is that lucky.  


Most of us have to go through the Google training and earn a certification and maybe take some training courses online.  I earned my certification and continue to re-certify every year and I always have the same complaint.  It teaches you the concepts, but not necessarily the ins and outs of what to do.  There’s so much the certification training misses and straight up avoids.


Why Google Certification Training is Lacking

There are a few reasons why Google doesn’t give us everything during certification training.  First, there’s a LOT.  I mean, there’s a tremendous amount of information.  If all the information that is available were part of the training, it would take weeks to consume it all. Secondly, there’s two types of users: those casual users that don’t have the time or resources to really dive in and PPC professionals who learn everything there is to know about the platform.  Google is pretty good at tailoring to both these user types and certification training gets you somewhere in the middle.


Thirdly, Google is a for-profit business.  It is in their best interest to provide enough value to keep your account running, but they’re not out to save you money.  They’ll provide the tools, but you have to figure out how to use them to optimize your account to be the best it can be – to earn you business and collect a good return on your investment.


The Google Ads Checklist

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned PPC expert, having a handy checklist is very helpful when it comes to Google Ads. That’s why I came up with this one.  This list incorporates the basic building blocks of a successful account.  This isn’t a fully comprehensive optimization plan, because that will depend on your business. But if you follow this list and make sound decisions on whether or not and how to implement each one, you’ll build a solid foundation for any Google Ads account.  I have used this in every account I have built and audited since I created it for myself and it has never steered me wrong.


Download the PDF


Let me know in the comments what you think.  I’d love to hear from you.


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