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PPC Trends in 2020 – 10 to Watch for this Year

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Digital Marketing

The year 2019 presented search engine marketers with a lot of changes, updates and upgrades on both organic and paid scale. In PPC (pay-per-click), audiences, machine learning, and automation were two of the major trends that most marketers are still pretty much excited about. So, what does 2020 hold for PPC experts?

Here are the top 10 PPC trends in 2020 you need to know from paid search to social, to remarketing, etc.


More Automation, AI and Machine Learning

The trend continues. AI and machine learning is foreseen to pick up the speed in 2020. Now that the technology is introduced, all that’s left is for PPC pros to learn how to use its features and tools so that it works as efficiently as possible while still retaining the value of processes machines can’t do. 

Learning machines and artificial intelligence can perform routine tasks faster than humans, which can definitely save PPC experts time. Instead of wasting resources on small tasks with little impact, experts can focus more on tweaking bids and analyzing data.


Blurring the Lines between PPC and Bigger Marketing Picture

If you’re not exploring new channels, you’ll be missing out on new business. Channel integration and diversification will be huge in 2020. 

Instead of looking at each channel as a separate entity, advertisers in 2020 will focus on overall, bottom-line results. It is important to appeal to your target audience across multiple platforms and create cross-channel plans to ensure your marketing campaigns sticks. 


Better Marketing Messaging and Offering

If 2019 was about audience targeting, 2020 will be about speaking to your target audience the right way at the right time. Smart marketers should strategically speak to their audiences at specific touchpoints in their consumer journey.

The key is in your messaging and offering. Instead of focusing on making a direct sale and cramming down a marketing message to your audience, PPC marketers should focus more on their offering and educating the customers (how does your product with their pain points).


Privacy, Tracking, and First-Party Data

GDPR and other similar legislation are restricting tracking capabilities. Privacy is no longer something that’s “nice to think about”. It’s an absolute must! Until platforms find a way to adapt, PPC advertisers will need to find new ways to track attributions or change the way they approach campaigns without exploiting the people behind the data.


PPC Strategy Becomes more Valuable

As automation takes over tedious tasks, there will be a greater need for PPC marketers who can think strategically. PPC experts who are strategic in their campaigns will have the most success. 

It’s safe to say that 2020 will have marketers focusing on helping clients set strategy, in-depth understanding of who the audience are, and how to solve their problems.


Alternative Platforms to Google and Facebook

In 2019, studies found that people spent more time on platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. This trend will not slow down any time soon. As a matter of fact, the revenue of these companies are growing. 

Although you don’t need to be on every single platform, marketers need to have a better understanding of where their customers are and how they spend their time online.


Brand Affinity and Brand Awareness

Building a connection to your brand has always been important. Today, marketers are going beyond brand awareness and aiming for brand affinity. Familiarizing potential customers is a thing of the past. Marketers are now looking into influencing how potential customers feel about their brand and how they will respond to it.


Rising CPCs due to Tighter SERP Competition and Search Stagnation

The biggest trend this year to pay close attention to is the lack of search query growth and continuous growth in competition. SERPs will continue to get more competitive and the CPCs will continue to rise until we reach a saturation point. Best to adjust your 2020 budgets and expectations to suit.


CRO is a Must

Smart advertisers will continue to explore other channels like social and display advertising. However, the main lift in sales numbers will come from robust conversion rate optimization and customer optimization. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system designed to increase the percentage of website visitors that convert into customers, or take any desired action on a page.


PPC Trends in 2020 Point to this Being the Year of the Technical Marketer

Marketers are seen to become more technical leading to things like tracking the life-cycle of leads and predicting campaign performance. Gaining technical expertise will help marketers manage, optimize, and analyze digital advertising campaigns at scale.

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