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Proven Tips To Get More Social Media Followers

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Social Media

A 2019 report estimated that the average user will spend 100 minutes every day watching videos online in 2021—up from 84 minutes last year—which is the equivalent of watching videos for 25 days straight. And as predicted, videos have soared further as the most consumed form of media, allowing information to spread fast on a visual level. 

The amount of time global users spend watching videos has increased at an average rate of 32% annually between 2013 and 2018. Businesses with social media marketing at the core of their strategy should take note of this if they want to remain relevant online and attract more followers. Videos should now become a critical component of your efforts—and it has to be creative and engaging to stand out in today’s competitive landscape. 

All this may sound intimidating. But, don’t worry, as a social media agency in California, we’re here to save you from the headache because we have the solutions to help you get more social media followers in 2022. 


How to Attract More Social Media Followers with Videos in 2022

There are various strategies to increase your social media following. But, for 2022, it would mostly be about dipping your toes into video marketing. With the introduction of live streaming videos and the prevalence of video-focused social media platforms like Tiktok, you have more ways than one to include video content in your social media marketing strategy. 


Users want more videos these days and there are a lot of types that get positive results on Facebook. A favorite among marketers is the user-generated content, and for good reasons. As its name suggests, it’s a video that’s been created by actual customers. It comes off more authentic, thus potentially attracting more users. Other forms of videos include a product showcase, behind-the-scenes, and tutorials, to name a few. 

To create successful video content on Facebook, make sure that your video is formatted for mobile—preferably in portrait orientation as smartphone users hold their phones this way 94% of the time. Include a caption and a clear call to action. These do not have to be grand, just interesting enough to get someone to stop and watch. 


Instagram is a highly-targeted, visual marketing platform where you can build an audience that grows with your brand. It has over 1 billion users and they are some of the most engaged audiences around. 

Its latest feature, called Reels, looks and works pretty much the same way as TikTok with all its editing features. Here, you can showcase bite-sized videos where you can share educational content, showcase products, or give a sneak peek at what happens behind the scenes.

Add that to Instagram’s in-feed videos and Stories, the platform is a powerhouse in terms of video storytelling. It works for everything from short-form videos and ads, to long-form content, all of which offer multiple ways to tell stories, engage with your community, and attract more followers. 


In 2020, TikTok was one of the world’s most downloaded apps, reaching more than 3 million downloads and having over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. During the pandemic, it entertained people and became a commonality among people. But, for brands, it’s a new opportunity to engage directly with consumers and reach new audiences.

Identifying your audience, jumping on trends, participating in challenges, posting at the right time, and engaging with other creators are some of the key strategies to attract more followers on Tiktok. It’s pretty much the same tactics you would employ when trying to reach more audiences on any other social media platform. 


How to Create an Effective Strategy that Attracts Social Media Followers in 2022


  1. Build Your Identity

Your identity goes beyond just your brand logo. It should reflect in your every post—font style, color scheme, design, caption, and tone included. Your audience should be able to recognize your brand easily from the way you post and comment. 

One cannot speak of brand identity without mentioning Coca-Cola. For decades, its marketing materials have been promoting the same enduring and universal values like family, happiness, and sharing, all of which they combine with their product and localized messaging.


  1. Identify Your Audience

If you want to grow your social media followers, you also have to identify your audience. Most social media channels these days are equipped with tools that provide insights into your audience’s demographics. 

While your goal is to get more followers, it’s also essential to approach your content creation with the purpose of educating and engaging your audiences who are actually interested in your brand, products, and services. You want real connections, not just followers. 


  1. Post Engaging and Relevant Content

Engaging content should be both educational and entertaining. It should be something that adds value to your followers and one that they would want to re-share. When done successfully, it should help raise brand awareness—a key factor in expanding your reach online and fostering trust among your audience. 

Think of creative ways to share information about your brand, its products and services, and how it can make your audience’s lives easier. All these should be done while staying in line with your brand voice. 


  1. Cross-Market Across All Your Social Media Channels

Are you maximizing every opportunity to connect with your audience? Cross-channel marketing allows you to reach out to your followers across multiple channels and put your brand out there, where they are. 

At the very least, your posts should include links to your other social media channels. You can also insert them on your website and newsletters. 


  1. Plan Your Social Media Calendar

An effective social media content strikes a balance between posting regularly to stay relevant but not so much that you are already spamming news feeds. A social media agency can help you plan out your social media calendar. These experts have the knowledge and tools to analyze the performance of your content. They provide insights that can guide you in making better strategic decisions. 

This can include which type of content is performing best, what time of day generates most views, and what demographics you’re primarily engaging, to name a few. 



Growing social media followers is at the core of almost every digital marketing strategy today. It’s not surprising though, given that social media is by far the most accessible platform to engage your audience and create interest around your brand.

While it’s already crowded in this space, a well-thought-out strategy, paired with industry insights and technical know-how can help you cut through the noise. As social media partners, it’s our job to help you get more social media followers across some of the most powerful social networks today. 

Send us a message today and we’ll help you get started. 


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