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Brand Design Trends Inspiring 2021

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Branding, Graphics

The events of 2020 have tremendously changed the playing field for most (if not all) businesses. It is safe to say that brands have yet to explore design risks this year and branding design trends would most likely be a continuation of what was “it” last year.

Old favorites like muted color palettes, simple data visualizations, and serif fonts would still be the go-to of designers. Any design that can effectively help brands communicate to their public is still highly favored. 

Anything that would invoke a sense of calm, empathy, and positivity would also draw more attention from consumers as compared to bold colors, brash fonts, or anything aggressive. 

Without further ado, here are the top brand design trends we can expect to see in 2021.


Muted Colors

A few years back, bold colors were all the rage. However, there has been a distinct shift away from bold colors since last year.

Branding design trends would now prefer to use muted colors in their graphics. Muted colors are softer hues that are mixed with either white or black base. This tones down the color so it doesn’t look so bright or sharp.

There was a time when bold colors were suddenly everywhere and saturating the online world. As an attempt to counter the overwhelming influx of using neon, several brands experimented on using muted colors. 

And with the chaos brought about by the pandemic last year, muted colors are just about the right choice as it looks more natural and is more soothing to the eye.



Minimalism has been in trend now for quite some time. Yearly, more brands are shifting to a more minimalistic design wherein websites have more white spaces, and visual and text elements are grouped together to make viewing easier.

With the rise of mobile internet use, experts foresee this as one of the design trends to continue in 2021 and beyond. More customers are accessing content on a smaller screen, which means going minimal on design becomes increasingly important.

Minimalistic designs can be seen everywhere – from landing pages, social posts, logos, newsletters, and even offline including merchandise and print ads.



While it is a clear cut move away from past design trends, asymmetry in web design and logos makes brand identity more distinctive and memorable. This also gives designers more freedom to move elements around and create more white space, which adheres to minimalist design principles.

Several e-commerce websites have already adapted asymmetry to their designs and we will be seeing more of this in 2021.


Data Visualization

Data is crucial in marketing not just for the business but also for its customers. Prospects can be converted to customers through data. 

However, raw data holds little value to the audience. Nobody wants to look at a bunch of numbers. You need to make it visually appealing and give it context so it is easier to understand. 

This is why data visualizations are a must for visual marketing strategies. In 2021, simple data visualizations are said to be effective in capturing people’s attention. If you feel like you’re presenting data that requires intricate visualizations, make sure it’s designed in such a way that it’s easier to absorb. Otherwise, people will simply scroll past.


Flat Icons and Illustrations

In the height of 3D aesthetics, flat icons and illustrations seem to make a comeback in the past couple years and we’ll be seeing more of this in 2021. Icons have always been a powerful visual tool for brands and this will not change this year.


Simple Classic Fonts

Fonts like classic Serif are back in the limelight and they’re going to be a brand design trend to follow this year. These fonts evoke emotions like nostalgia, trustworthiness, and elegance, which is probably why they are becoming popular again.

However, these fonts are not as easy on the eyes as compared to Sans Serif fonts. Best to not use this font for large paragraphs. Instead, use this font to highlight your headers and subheadings.


Overlapping Designs

Overlapping designs will be a hit in 2021 as it ties into principles of minimalistic design. Overlaps can improve your website’s readability as it allows graphic designers to group elements and still maintain enough white space on the image. It also adds depth to an image by layering elements on top of each other.


Geometric Shapes

Abstract, flowing shapes used to be a thing back in the days. But as beautiful as the trend was, it wasn’t easy to adapt especially for corporate branding.

Thus, in 2021, we see brands embracing geometric shapes more in their designs. Geometric shapes are easier to create, can be recognized immediately, and makes the brand identity look more cohesive. 


Dark Mode

We’ve seen the rise of dark mode in apps and websites. Dark mode is a sleek, modern look that accentuates design elements and lessens eye strain.

Experts believe that it’s going to impact brand design trends in 2021 and beyond. Apps, social networks and operating systems are all offering dark mode options for their user-interfaces.


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