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SEO Services: How SEO provides more profit to businesses

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Website

For years of providing SEO services in Temecula, we’ve seen how an improvement in search visibility has helped small businesses gain a portion of the market share.  It is a known fact that people tend to search online before making a purchase. The better your website ranks in the organic or natural search engine listings, the more visitors you’ll get. 

Clearly, there is a missed opportunity here if you have yet to think about investing in SEO. Better keyword ranking means improved brand awareness and reaching more people. With higher site visits comes more sales, and this simply means greater profit for your business.

There are several reasons why websites don’t show up on Google. Unlike in the early days of search engines when SEO was merely a numbers game (of gaining more backlinks), it has grown to an elaborate marketing campaign that is a combination of conversion rate optimization techniques, content strategy, and overall user experience on a website. 

To give you a better idea of what SEO is all about and how it can impact your bottom line, we’ve broken down the strategies our team has taken over the years. This is done by making sure that the website has the right content at the right place,  improved local visibility, the website loads fast for visitors, and its pages are easily accessible online.

In this Guide:


Do SEO Services Work?

SEO is not just about building links pointing to your website. Today, it’s more than that. Google has become smarter and more advanced in recognizing the type of content users are looking for. The algorithms crawl the web, read texts, know their context, understand the intent behind search words or phrases, and measure keyword use on page load time.

Gone are the days when you can get away with buying hundreds of backlinks. SEO is not just about building links anymore, but also about getting them to point at the right content on your website.

Think of it this way: before, SEO services focused on keywords while ignoring page load speed and device compatibility. Today, search engine algorithms are more concerned about the end-user. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, Google won’t rank it high in search. The same thing with site speed and design compatibility.

If you’re serious about getting a good SEO campaign going for your business, make sure to work closely with a professional freelancer or agency, like Public Advertising Agency, who knows what these algorithms are looking for.


Keyword Density and Placement

SEO is also more than just using keywords on your website. You also need to place them correctly in order for Google’s algorithm to pick up on them. 

When it comes to page ranking, the focus of SEO efforts shifts from keyword density to how relevant they are with each other and what kind of website content they are associated with.

For instance, if an online shoe retailer is selling women’s high heel shoes, it would be pointless to have the keyword “men’s” inside the meta tag or text. It doesn’t matter how many times you use them on your website because this won’t help you rank higher in search results pages.

What you should do instead is choose keywords that are closely related to your business. The focus should be on resources and quality instead of the sheer number of times you use a keyword throughout the website.

With one of our clients, Vintage Timberworks, our content optimization efforts included strategic keyword placement. We’ve optimized their homepage and major product pages for their target keywords, which resulted in an increase in US organic search impressions from 255k to 268k in the last 3 months. 

In December 2021, Vintage gained an 8.55% increase in the number of keywords ranked. And in the last 3 months, we’ve seen a growth of 10% traffic increase.


Technical SEO Optimization

Our team knows how to use technical SEO optimization processes correctly. When a website is built using a CMS, it’s essential that the “coding” or behind-the-scenes logic of the site are accurate and follow best practices.

The same thing with page tags, meta elements, and sitemaps. If these technical assets aren’t coded properly or are missing from the website, you’re going to have a tough time ranking high in search results.

In addition to adhering to best practices, it’s also wise to make sure that your keywords and phrases are placed correctly within all these assets. You wouldn’t want a product name on your “Services” page, right? You want to find the balance between Branded Keywords and Transactional keywords in your meta tags to maximize search visibility.


Responsive Websites = Flexible Websites

We have always stressed to our clients how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website. If you want a good online ranking today, Google absolutely has to consider the device your audience is going on.

It doesn’t matter if your business specializes in web design or building custom homes – people have different ways of searching for businesses these days.

And as long as the majority of your qualified traffic is coming from mobile devices, you need to have a responsive website that can be viewed from all generations of iPhones and Android smartphones.

Of course, this also means that your site should be compliant with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test . If it isn’t, Google won’t even index your site and you won’t have a chance of ranking high in mobile search results.


Content-First Approach to Search Engine Optimization

What made the content marketing industry so popular is because it has always been based on targeting readers first before finding ways to rank higher in search results. When people purchase digital products, they aren’t looking for keywords anymore.

Most of them just want solutions that  can help them solve problems. And this is why content marketers know how to craft useful, applicable information that people will love reading on the web.

If your website is filled with textual content that isn’t just written for robots but also for real humans, you can expect a steady stream of traffic from Google’s search results pages.


Optimize Your Website for Local Visibility

Google has made it easier for search users to find businesses in their area by making local results more prominent.

If you have a physical store, your business is already being recognized by Google Maps and other location-based services. You can even check out our recent post about how to improve your Google My Business listing. If you don’t, well, there’s still hope for you.

Part of our local SEO optimization efforts includes helping businesses create a local, digital presence so that people from your area can easily find you online. We work our magic to get you ranked high in Google search pages by using locally-specific keywords and phrases relevant to your business.

In our recent local SEO optimization efforts with Arenson Office Furniture, we’ve seen an increase in search visibility for their Google My Business Profile. 

In the last quarter, Arenson gained 29.7k total views. They’ve also steadily grown in visibility for highly competitive keywords such as “office furniture” and “office chair”.


Back in the day, high-quality backlinks were considered to be the holy grail of search engine optimization. 

These days, they’ve taken a backseat when it comes to how Google evaluates your website for relevance and authority. The major factor these days is whether or not your site provides something valuable to users so that they’ll stick around and share your content.

In our recent link building optimization efforts, we’ve engaged in strategic link acquisition techniques which include content marketing and local SEO. Both strategies are geared towards improving the sites’ domain authority, keyword ranking improvement, and local presence.


Final Thoughts

SEO guarantees more traffic. More traffic means more conversions.

A lot of small businesses make the mistake of trying to use their website as a brochure or an online business card. 

They create content for the sake of creating content but forget to include what their potential customers are searching for. As a result, Google doesn’t know that they are relevant to any keywords or phrases. 

Effective SEO strategies ensure that your brand gets found online because you’re correctly delivering the information that people are looking for – which is exactly how a business is going to make a sale.

Converting your website’s visitors into loyal fans and paying customers depends on how well you’ve managed to optimize your site for search engines. If users can’t find what they’re looking for, if the content isn’t engaging or offers something valuable, they’re just going to click away from your page.

This is why it’s important to find the balance between keywords and phrases that are highly relevant to your business, but also have high levels of search demand. A SEO services professional will help you determine which keywords are best for your business so that you can focus on the right target audience.

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Give us a holler at Public Advertising Agency!

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