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Marketing Strategies: Short and Long Term Tactics for 2022

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Digital Marketing

There is no one formula that you need to follow to create a fool-proof digital marketing strategy. Developing a strategy takes time and should cater to your business’s specific requirements. It is a step-by-step process, which includes identifying your target audience, understanding your competitive position, brand persona, and brand voice, among others.

To successfully create a marketing plan, you need to define what your short- and long-term marketing strategies are. But why do you need to have two strategies? The answer is quite simple. If you don’t define your short-term goals and strategies to achieve those, your business might not be around long enough to meet those goals you’ve set down the line.

On the other hand, merely focusing on short-term goals may leave your business in limbo and hinder any future growth. These two strategies should work hand-in-hand and are essential parts of the bigger marketing picture.

With so many new platforms introduced in the digital marketing space every so often, marketers can easily get sidetracked. We’ve listed the essential strategies you should look into integrating into your marketing plan in 2022.


Marketing Strategies You Should Focus On


Short-term Marketing Strategies

Short-term strategies are marketing activities that produce a temporary boost in business and traffic. Short-term success is important for businesses especially if you’re planning to launch a new product or service. This paves the way for long-term growth.

Here are a few tactics to help you achieve short-term goals.

Promotions And Limited Time Offer Reduced Pricing: Promos encourage customers to act fast. You’ll likely have prospects in your sales funnel who intend to buy but are not fully decided yet. By lowering the price, or offering them a limited-time promo, it triggers them to finally make that purchase.

Group Offers: This type of offer boosts your brand’s awareness, especially with a new set of customers. You could also customize offers to provide permanent discounts to important groups. 

If you are looking to tap members of an organization that falls within your target market, let’s say you’re targeting company accountants and payroll professionals, you can create a special offer tailored to their needs. However, make sure you monitor the performance of such offers and make sure the revenue offsets the cost of the ongoing price discount.

PPC Ads: If you’re looking to generate new leads, then pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a great way to become visible to new customers. Effective PPC campaigns can drive significant targeted traffic to your website.

At Public Advertising Agency, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Arenson Office Furniture for years. The project kicked off with local SEO and web design and development. We eventually added Google Ads and Yelp Ads as part of their strategy.

The challenge is that the site does not have eCommerce functionality and cannot compete with big brands in terms of online sales. Although they have worked with several government contracts in the past, they still rely on consumer traffic for steady income. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused Arenson to take a step back and strategize with offices and commercial businesses closing indefinitely. The good news is though people have started investing in their home offices as companies mandated a work-from-home policy in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

Public Ad helped Arenson design their content around the new target market. We’ve launched PPC campaigns focused on the benefits of investing in quality office furniture and how to improve health and safety at the workplace. We’ve seen a good increase in organic impressions which spiked up to 108k during the first 5 months of 2021.

Tradeshows: This strategy has been around for the longest time and is one of the effective ways to quickly introduce products and services within a specific market. Sponsoring events, getting invited to speaking engagements, and taking part in VIP parties are just some of the activities you can do to widen your network and introduce your brand.


Long-term Marketing Strategies

Long-term marketing activities help establish brand awareness and deliver sustainable results for years to come. Without long-term marketing strategies, you are only as good as your last campaign and people will tend to forget about you.

Here are a few strategies you can look into to achieve long-term marketing success:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO marketing can take a while to bring in results but it is worthwhile. Organic traffic is the best source of leads. Understand your audience behavior and their pain points, and start optimizing your website for related phrases they’re likely to use when searching online.

SEO is no longer about building backlinks and keyword stuffing. Your SEO strategy should go hand-in-hand with your brand-building strategy. Google is quick to reward brands who are able to establish a strong presence not just on search but in social media and other avenues as well.

Public relations (PR): PR efforts can help positively build a company’s brand over the long term. It is the strategic sharing of information with relevant media outlets that helps boost brand awareness. A well-executed PR strategy shouldn’t be rushed. It takes time and critical thinking to achieve success.

Publishing and Promoting Content: Produce relevant content that your public is interested in and can help your brand display expertise. These content pieces should answer critical questions your audience has or provide solutions to pain points. 

After which, you have to distribute that content in channels where your audience is most active, whether it is on social media, email, etc.

Social Media: Engaging in social media can be used to achieve both short-term and long-term strategies. As a short-term strategy, you can use this platform to monitor and manage your online reputation. For long-term marketing, you can use social media to promote content, support lead generation activities, and engage in important online communities.



At the end of the day, building a successful marketing plan is about finding the balance. Your plan should value and achieve short-term and long-term goals simultaneously. 

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