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SEO for Branding: 5 Proven Strategies

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Branding, Digital Marketing

If you’re not doing SEO for branding, what are you doing? SEO (search engine optimization) should be an integral part of your marketing strategy especially now that more consumers prefer to do their shopping online. 

And even before the pandemic, the eCommerce industry was on steady growth already. The crisis merely expedited the process and clearly, there’s no stopping anytime soon. Users will continue to use digital platforms to find services or products they need. And your competition already knows that. 

But it’s not enough that you create a website, build a bunch of links, and publish a blog article every week. SEO marketing has grown far more sophisticated throughout the years. Developing and designing a website that follows best practices is just the first step. Making sure you build a trustworthy and authoritative brand online is where the work actually begins.

SEO and branding go hand in hand. According to Think with Google, some people know what they want but they need ideas for which brand to buy from. Consumer reports indicated that mobile searches containing the word ‘brands’ have increased by 80% in the past two years and searches for ‘top or best ___ brands’ have grown by over 85%. 

This clearly indicates that you can build brand awareness for what your customers are craving for at their moments of need. Thus, in return, you can become their favorite brand.

Also, Google rewards businesses that are able to create a strong brand presence. They rank better even if they don’t spend that many resources on building backlinks. 

Here at Public, we’ve listed the building blocks you should follow to create an effective SEO branding strategy and increase branded traffic to your website.


5 Proven SEO For Branding Strategies


1. Find and organize your branded keywords

Branded keywords are search terms your public uses when looking for your brand online (or a variation of it). Generally, these users are those who are already familiar with your brand and are likely to purchase from you or are already interested in your products/services.

Increasing your branded searches can help your business grow on various levels. Growing your branded search volume can also improve your rankings for non-branded, transactional keywords. If your brand has appeared in a high volume of searches together with unbranded queries, Google could associate your brand with these keywords and make your website rank higher.

Here are four (4) ways your audience is looking for you online: 

  • Branded ROPO queries – ROPO (research online, purchase offline) describes customer behavior who look for products and buy them. These are keywords that usually indicate that your customers are ready to make a purchase. Example:  “brand” + reviews.
  • Competitor’s branded keywords – You can benefit from ranking for your competitors’ brand names by doing comparative content like ‘Brand A’ vs ‘Brand B’: Which is better for you?. Not only will you be able to directly compare your products’ benefits vs. your competition, but it will also help you get found by customers who are looking for alternatives.
  • Navigational queries – Ideally, your website should always rank #1 on both paid and organic search results. To make sure that they do especially on paid search, you can buy navigational keywords like ‘Official Site’.
  • High intent keywords – These are keywords that include your brand name and your product or feature.


2. Optimize for Local

Local SEO is important especially for local brands for precise location targeting. To optimize for local search, make sure you’re on popular business listing platforms such as Google My Business

This will help you drive traffic from local and map searches. Make sure you take advantage of its features like local posts, service lists, etc. so that your listing is fully optimized. When uploading photos, make sure they are geo-tagged.

Make online reviews work for you. A recent Brightlocal study claims that businesses with 47 Google reviews and up are more likely to show in the local three-pack results.

Having a mobile-friendly website also is crucial for Local SEO. Make sure your website loads fast under all types of connections. Don’t forget to add alt tags and properly name your files for brand images. Include the brand’s name and your product’s name when naming your images.


3. Bid on Branded Terms

Your competition is doing it, so why shouldn’t you? We have already established that users who are searching for branded keywords have strong buying intentions. Make sure your business maximizes its appearance for your brand by bidding on branded terms and dominate search results.


4. Publish content on quality websites

Contributing your ideas and content on high-quality websites is an excellent way to reach wider audiences, build brand awareness, and increase traffic and gain possible conversions. It’s not just about building links, but rather, it’s about positioning yourself as an authority in the industry and building credibility.

The main idea of content contribution is to be able to add value to a website’s audience and demonstrate expertise in that field.


5. Measure branded search traffic

To get a better grasp of what strategy works for your brand, and what doesn’t, you should determine the percentage of branded traffic you are getting. Google Analytics is a great platform to use in monitoring website traffic and the search queries they use for a specific timeframe.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner to track the volume of searches for your brand keywords, and see if the volume increases over time.



SEO for branding searches should never be underestimated. By optimizing for your branded keywords in both organic and paid searches, you will be able to uncover potential traffic and conversions you are probably unaware of. 

Moreover, branded searches can be the last touchpoint for customers who are ready to buy. By optimizing your brand, you will boost your brand awareness as well as provide a better experience to your public. 

Hiring an SEO marketing and branding agency like Public Advertising Agency is a great step to ensure your business stays on top of Google search results. Contact us today and let’s start building your customized branding strategy.


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