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Summer Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

by | May 15, 2019 | Branding, Creativity, Digital Marketing, Graphics, Social Media

Launch Creative and Attractive Promotions and Deals

People are looking forward to being outdoors after Winter and Spring. Make them want to purchase a product or avail of your services by creating tempting ads highlighting Big Savings, Sumptuous Summer Menus, and Exciting Activities. Use bold colors and designs to really make your creatives pop!

Create Promotions for Products People can use this Summer

Who doesn’t enjoy summer deals? Free tote bag or beach towel or cool shades for every purchase worth $50, make your customers feel the swag of Summer! You may also bundle your products with sunscreen and shades. Don’t forget to add a seasonal touch to your message.

Offer Freebies

Organize a mini outdoor activity and offer free ice cream, lemonade, iced tea to people dropping by your stores. It doesn’t matter if it has nothing to do with your business. People will take notice and will probably drop by to check out your products too. Even a bottle of cold water on a blazing hot day will bring people in.  Consider custom labels to take your branding further.

Have a Social Media Photo Contest

Ask your audience to submit a photo of their fun Summer moment. This will definitely increase engagement since a lot of people love sharing nice photos. Vibrant colors, outdoors, smiling faces and family moments will definitely catch the attention of your followers. Give a prize to the image with the most number of likes!

Create Your Own Summer Hashtag

When posting Summer promotions, contests and ads this summer, feel free to create your own hashtag and start a new trend on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also search for trending hashtags and use them for your posts this season. Some examples include #summer #summerfun, #sunkissed, etc. Hashtags are important since these allow people to find posts relevant to their interests.

Whatever product or service you’re offering to consumers, focusing on Summer is a fun way to spread your message. Get more tips and tricks by following us on Facebook.


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